How We Service Your Home

Posted by Brian Bell on 11/14/2012

When you think of pest control what do you think? Do you imagine an overweight guy with an untucked shirt with a cheeseburger stain on it, talking to himself while roaming around a house and spraying for spiders with a secret stash of pesticides that are so harmful they will burn through a 1967 Chevrolet engine block?

Well, to start, our team members are men and women who are clean cut trustworthy professionals who are held to the highest standards. We only hire people that our clients can feel completely comfortable with and who are competent service professionals. Oh, and those pesticides don’t exist; the products we use are family and pet friendly, they are made to be used in and around homes.
With that said, have you ever wondered what we do for service at your home? This is a good question and one that is commonly asked. I want to walk you through a complete service, start to finish, so you can understand all the features and benefits you will receive with a treatment.

• Personally Consult with homeowner • Sweep down spider webs and wasp nests • Property inspection • Dual barrier treatment • Free Callbacks

Upon arriving at your home we will promptly knock on your door to politely greet you before we start work. We also want you to know we are at your property; there is nothing worse than being surprised by an unexpected guess in your back yard. We also want to talk to you so we can find out if there are any areas of concern that have come up between services and to see if there are any special instructions you will need completed. Once we have had a chance to hear from you we will get to work and start your treatment.

A technician will thoroughly go around your home and sweep down the spider webs and wasp nests around the eves, windows, base of home, patio furniture, and fence line. This is done for a couple of reasons. We want to remove any unpleasant webs to keep it looking nice and to help prevent them from getting inside your home. Spider webs are very common in the Sacramento area and they will always come back. With each treatment you will not need to ask us to sweep down the spider webs or wasp nests, that is included with your service every time.

While we are busy working at your home we are also looking for new infestations or harborage areas so we can successfully treat them. Treatment starts at the base of your home by applying a pest barrier so the bugs can't get inside your home. This barrier will be reinforced and reapplied at every service. But we don’t stop there, we extend that barrier our to the yard. In fact, the second pest barrier extends 40-50 feet out to the yard from the base of your home. For most homes this will cover the entire property. Our clients really like the fact that we go so far out into the yard. The reason we do this is to eliminate as many pests as possible in the yard and to keep them from getting to the house. This second barrier also helps prevents bugs from transferring from your neighbor's yard to your yard and eventually into your home.

One of the best things about having us do your service is if you should need anything between services then you can call us back for free to treat. Call-back treatments can be for the inside or the outside. If the pests somehow sneak back in we want to know about it so we can come back out to take care of them, remember is free with your service.