Frequently Asked Questions

How does the initial service work?

After a survey of your home, the interior will be treated as needed by our certified service technicians to eliminate covered pests living inside your home. You will be asked to leave the home for up to four (4) hours when the interior is serviced. Additionally, the exterior of your home will be treated. Pest harborage will be given special attention and the exterior accessible spider webs up to around 12-16 feet will be swept down and/or treated. The materials used may include baits, monitors, traps and residual materials.

Must we be home when the Service Technician arrives?

Only for the initial treatment; thereafter, the service requires only the exterior applications.

Inside Service (Guaranteed Year-Around, At No Extra Charge)

After the initial service, pests that attempt to enter your home should be controlled by the exterior. However, if covered pests ever enter your home, we will re-treat by a mutually agreeable appointment at no extra charge. Service is available from 7:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year, except holidays.

Is it necessary to return within one month to start our Regular Service?

Yes, our initial service will control most adult pests; however, our first service will not eliminate insects in the pupal and egg-stages. Within 30 days we will return to reinforce the pest barrier, keeping any newly emerging pests away. After that we will service every other month.

Exterior Service (Every other month)

The type and quantity of the materials used will vary with the season or target pests and long lasting materials will be applied during rainy days to stand up against the elements. Pest harborages will be given special attention and the accessible spider webs will always be swept down. This preventative pest barrier will automatically be reinforced every other month thereafter.

Will there be a reduction of my Service Fee if the Bell Service Technician cannot treat a locked area on a regular Service Call?

No. Your service is still guaranteed completely even if we miss an area, however, if you will call and arrange for a convenient time for the locked area to be treated, the second trip will be at no additional cost.

Will Bell Pest Service control Termites and Flying Insects?

No. Flying insects do not contact the residual barrier. Also, the service is not designed to control termites.

Will rain affect the Pest Service?

We will treat your residence with a material which is activated by the rain and carried deep into the soil. It will control and prevent ants, crickets, sowbugs, earwigs and other pests from sneaking into your home.

What about possible problems between Services?

If your home is invaded between services, Please call us. We want to control the problem before it becomes a major infestation. We do not charge for these extra calls. If you are not 100% satisfied with our results, or if for any reason, pests re-appear between regular service visits, just give us a call and we will come back out to your home and re-treat it at no charge.