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Scary Stories Shared With Us

My sister and her husband and two friends were in the Gilroy area a few years ago and when they were walking the golf course, they came across a Transula spider. Her female friend put this pretty good size thing in her paper cup. She kept it in the 5th wheel they were staying in and forgot to tell my sister where she had put it. Everyone but my sister went on walk and left her in the 5th wheel. When my sister went to get a cup, she picked the one with the T. Spider without knowing and yelled and threw into the air screaming and screaming. They heard the screams and came running back and found the T. Spider had landed right in the middle of the Lemon Mirange pie they were going to eat in a few hours. The spider couldn't move in the mirange and so they freed it, cut out the middle and enjoyed the pie.

In 1962 my wife and I moved into a rented home in Carmichael. After about a week living there, my wife said, there's some kind of a big scary bug that I think talks to me. Of course I said, that's impossible because bugs don't talk. She said I'll show you, follow me. In the pantry off the kitchen, I witnessed the biggest california bug of my young life I had never witnessed a roach before. When I looked and stared at this monster, it stared back and actually frightened me; it literally challenged me to fight. It was like I was in the woods with a wild animal where I grew up in Idaho. I backed up and told my wife; boy were you right. The exterminator came in a few days a found a lot of those big dudes that I never want to tangle with again. Since that incident, I've never witnessed another one that size and scary.

This story happened to my girl friend not me. Every year Kathy and her family buy a fresh Christmas tree. They all go together and chop down the tree and then take it home and decorate it. My friend usually leaves her tree up until March if not later. By now it is not only really dry and a major fire hazard she decides it is time to take it down. As she is taking the ornaments off the tree she notices little tiny bugs coming out of the middle of the tree. The little tiny bugs were baby black widows. OH MY!!! There were thousands of them. Needless to say she did not finish taking down the Christmas tree she had her sons and husband take it outside ornaments and all. Kathy loves insects even blackwidows so she waited till they left before she finished getting her ornaments off the tree. OHA MYA GOSHA, that would be sprayed by Bell Pest Control as fast as I could call them. HA HA HA icky, icky, icky!!!

A fireman told this story of a lady in North Highlands. She saw a big spider and decided to suck it up in a canister vacuum cleaner. After she did the deed, she got to thinking that after she shut the vac off the spider might crawl back out. She grabbed the bug spray and turned on the Vac. She shot a good dose of spray into the vac nozzle. The vac exploded and blew the end of the canister vac through the sheet rock wall. The spider guts were smeared all over the broken sheetrock. Mission accomplished. She killed the spider.

In the late 1980’s I was at lunch at a popular hamburger restaurant with 3 of my pest control employees. I ordered a bacon burger with cheese for lunch. When I got the burger I went to salt and pepper it but noticed what I thought was grill grease. As I started to pull on this "grill grease" to my surprise it was a leg and it was attached to a Black Widow that was cooked into the side of my burger. One of the restaurant employees was watching as I asked her to come and see what was cooked in my burger, she refused. I went to the side kitchen door and asked to see the manager and when I showed the manager the burger with the Black Widow on top he asked me what I wanted. To his surprise I said I don’t mind being bit by Black Widows but I don’t want to eat them, so please give me a new burger.

End of summer...darkness approaches sooner. My husband had not reset the porch light to turn on earlier in the evening. It was already dark when we returned from an outing. I hurried from the driveway to make my way to the front door so I could turn on the lights so he could see his way to the door. In the darkness I found the keyhole, opened the door, stepped into the house, turned on the porch light and turned to see if he was okay (he has a disability) coming up the walkway. I caught my breath as I spotted a black widow spider hanging from a single web dangling just to the right of where I had been standing while unlocking the door. Just a few inches to the right I would have had the spider crawling on me--or if I hadn't seen it -- on my husband.

It was a dark gloomy night in elk grove. Rain, snow, hail, maybe even a tornado. Anyhow we're sitting watching tv when we hear a knock at the door, I open it up and come face to face with the fangs and antennas of the biggest roach I've ever seen. Maybe six feet in height. I thought we were gone-ers !! I slammed the door and grabbed the phone....1-800-322-4170 I dial as quick as I can. Just as I do this giant pest breaks down the door and rushes inside. It was going on about nanny's and unions and in the light I can see it wearing a jerry brown t shirt. It called itself (edited) allred. Through the open door flooded in it's union counterparts and just as I thought we'd be overcome I hear the bells of bell pest control pull up. They used thier latest mixture of poison and common sense and as fast as I could say abbra cadabra they were gone. Not sure how true this story is cause it was told to me by a prop 19 supporter so I'm not sure if he was high or not.

I had just moved into my new home and I was so excited. The first project was to redo my man cave (the garage) floor. Along the walls were cabinets and a work bench. These would have to be moved to clean and paint the epoxy onto the floor. As I started moving all the cabinets I came close to grabbing a bunch of black widows. That freaked me out. But, my adventure did not stop there. I had one cabinet left to move; me and my brother-in-law moved it away and right there in front of us was the biggest, bloated, dead mummified carcass of a rat. When I picked the rat up, with gloves on, it was as light as a feather. It was as light as one of those dried blow fishes one finds in the flea markets in Mexico. There was not anything inside that tan hairless carcass; it was completely hollow. This rat was one big thing of dried skin. It still freaks me out to this day to think about it.