Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Exterminator Sacramento

If you live in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, bed bugs are a problem. These pests have resurged since 2013, and bed bug-related calls to pest control companies throughout California went up by 41 percent from 2016 to 2017 alone.

Bed Bug Pest Control Sacramento

If these bed bug facts are disconcerting you can put your mind at ease. Call Bell Pest Control today for more information on how bed bugs reproduce, why they’re attracted to some people more than others and how bed bugs spread so quickly. We also provide bed bug treatment options that will help prevent future infestations.

1) What is causing this bed bug rise?

As people move they can take bed bugs with them.

2) You can get bed bugs from staying in hotels or even from traveling

When bed bugs take a liking to such places, you can bring bed bugs home with you.

3) Bed Bugs reproduce quickly and in large numbers

The bed bug population is growing at an exponential rate because bed bugs have no predators

4) You don’t need to live near trash or dirty conditions for bedbugs. Even clean homes and people who keep their homes clean can attract bedbugs.

5) Bed Bug infestations are expensive to get rid of and there’s no guarantee that your problem will go away. Some bed bug experts recommend replacing your mattress after getting bed bugs from it, as the bed bugs may be difficult to kill. If you want help from Sacramento pest control experts contact our company, Bell Pest Control today at 916-512-6035

Bed Bug Treatment Sacramento

There are multiple ways to treat your home if you have bed bugs. The best way to determine how to deal with your bed bug issues and concerns starts with a call to the office.

You will be asked questions about your home and the location of the bed bugs. Once an examination of your home is made we can then give you the options or the solution to remove the bed bugs from your home.

How to get rid of bed bugs Sacramento

You may need to have a professional service to get rid of bed bugs at your home. If you have bed bugs, your first step should be to contact professionals for bed bug extermination. At Bell Pest Control, we’re bed bug experts and will provide bed bug extermination in any area of Sacramento.

When it comes to bed bugs, timing is everything. If you suspect bedbugs or even if you’ve seen bedbugs in your house or hotel room before, take action as soon as possible. Bedbug exterminators are highly trained in the best way to get rid of bed bugs and will make sure that not only are your bed bugs gone but they won’t come back. For help with getting rid of bed bugs now call 916-512-6035 today!