You may have questions about how pests get into your home. In the Sacramento area, there are common insects that get into your house. It may be ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, fleas, cockroaches, and even rodents. The most common ways pests get into your home may surprise you.

Some of the ways insects or rodents enter into your home may surprise you.

Why you have pests in your home Sacramento

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Indoor plants may be one way bugs get into your home

Potted plants have all of the materials needed for bugs to live:

  • Water
  • Dirt
  • Food

It’s not uncommon for insects to be brought into your home from new plants. You may even bring into pests your home after plants you left out in the sun. You can do a quick inspection of the plants before you bring them in.


Open doors and windows are ways to invite bugs into your home

Pests and or rodents can easily enter your home through open doors and windows. Flying insects such as flies, wasps

Torn screens would be another category of open doors or windows. These screens could be on a sliding door or even a window.

One of the ways to reduce insects in your home is to keep doors or windows closed. You will also want to ensure the screens are in good repair.


Building defaults can lead to insects in your home

It’s not common to find a perfectly sealed building. As structures are assembled different materials are connected. It’s not just cracks, gaps, and voids that lead to bugs. You can have conduits, wires, pipes, openings for electrical outlets, or any other place where two surfaces combine.

Plants in the home and food that has been left out are attractions for insects when they sneak in.


Trees and shrubs touching the house can introduce vermin

When your trees and bushes are near your home or rub against the structure you can introduce nuisances. It’s common to have ant trails enter into your premises by using vegetation. Rats are known to climb trees and plants to get into attics and sub-areas. If you have gaps or openings behind bushes and shrubs you have an entryway for large insects and rodents. Exclusion services are one way to stop invasions of rodents and pests into your home.

Keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed can help with insect invasions and rodents getting into your home.


Packages left at the door may bring bugs into your home

You may have packages delivered to your home. As the parcels sit on your doorstep and patio insects may climb inside.

Before you bring a package in you may be able to inspect the outside to see if any insects are clinging to the outside.

Shoes left at the door and brought inside can have the same effect as pests.  Looking inside the shoes or shaking them out before bringing them inside helps.

Groceries may bring pests into your home

When homeowners get cockroaches in their home some of the most common attractions are Grocery bags and soda boxes. These bags and boxes typically sit in dark and damp areas. Earwigs, silverfish, and spiders can also be found in these containers.

You can reduce the risk of cockroaches and other insects in your home by taking packaging out as soon as you are done unpacking food and supplies.

Fresh fruit and vegetables can bring insects into your home and you would not even know.

Inspecting your fruit and vegetables after you get home from the market, store or co-op is an easy and good way to reduce pests in your home.

Pets may be bringing insects into your home

If you have pests there is a good chance they can bring dead or live bugs into your home. Cats and dogs that are both indoor and outdoor can bring in ants, earwigs, spiders, and fleas.

Checking your pet consistently can allow you to see what is being brought in. Fleas are a common problem in the Sacramento Valley in the spring and the fall. Making sure your lawn has been cut and maintained is one of the ways to help with the control of fleas.

How to get rid of insects in my house

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