The important reasons why we don’t hire seasonal door to door salespeople

If you want to know how to hire a pest control company in Sacramento, there are a few ways…

You may have just sat down to eat dinner only to hear a knock at the door. At the door is a young person explaining why your neighbors up the street have just signed up for service… and… a truck will be in the area tomorrow. 

The conversation about hiring an exterminator never crossed your mind.

You try to get away so that you can get to your food that is now getting cold. This young salesperson lets you know all of the coolest things about their company, their service and then when you politely say you have things going on, out comes the aggressive sales tactics.

This is an annoying version of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.  

You try to shut the door … and…

The now pushy salesperson is just begging for 30 more seconds.

The conversation becomes faster…

More pressure is applied.

Here come the hardcore closing techniques…

You hear the guilt trip close, I am going to school and this pays the bills

You hear the neighbor close, You know the Andersons, Smiths, Jones’s and Johnsons up the street are doing it

You hear “you are causing more problems close: If you don’t sign up you are making the problem worse… Or if you don’t get on service you are going to have BIG problems”.

You hear the over-promise close, This contract covers everything… except the fine print

You hear the commitment close, Based upon everything you told this is something you want right?

You hear the fake claim, we have techniques and products nobody else has…

You hear the limited time offer close, This special ends tomorrow

You hear the let me call my manager close, Now you get a better price than what you were just given

You even hear let me tell you how they service close. This is what Bell Pest does and doesn’t do…

Last, of all you are asked to make a decision right now or the deal disappears forever.

This list could go on and on and could include 20 more ways to strong-arm you into purchasing from the door.

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What else could go wrong when hiring a pest company?

Sadly, some of these salespeople will say and do anything to get a signature from you.

They will throw their Grandmother under the bus… sure.

When you call and ask for the service you may even be told the problem you have is not covered.

You are told one thing about what is included and the next thing you know there are upcharges for everything.

This means you don’t really have a service that in all-inclusive, this is a piecemeal way of doing business and it does have to be done this way.  

How do we know these sales door to door games happen?

During the spring and summer, these sales guys are out by the busload selling door to door. In one day you may have a visit from multiple companies or salespeople.

These sales teams knock on our doors as well and we get to see firsthand exactly what the sales process is like.

Our clients also let us know what is going on and what is being said. What they tell us is that no matter who comes by they all say the same exact thing word for word.  

They all use the same script.

How to choose a pest control service in the Sacramento area:

First off you don’t need to be harassed at your front door over pest control. How you choose a pest control service is up to you. Your decision is on your timeline, not theirs.  

  • You can look for how long they have been in business
  • You can look for their affiliations
  • You can read reviews
  • You can call the companies and interact to see what they are really like
  • You can find out how much training the average technician has they will come to your door
  • You can talk to a technician when you see them near your home

What to expect when you call our office looking for Pest Control Service

After over 42 years in business, we have been around long enough to get service down. When you call our office you will get a friendly representative that can answer all of your questions and set you up with a convenient appointment. Most of the time we can help you the same day

It’s really easy to get started all you have to do is call 916-512-6035 and let the office staff know you are looking for service.

Best of all… right now we are running a Free Start-Up Service special. You will save at least $195 when you sign up for the yearly service.

Call 916-512-6035

What’s even better is you are not being pressured at your doorstep while your dinner is getting cold.

The start up service is free Call 916-512-6035