What can I expect with pest control service?

There are many different pests that can invade your home and cause trouble for you. If you have pest in your home, it is important to get an exterminator to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Bell Pest Control has been around for over 43 years, providing pest control services to homeowners in Sacramento California. Below we will discuss what a pest control service is and how it works so that you know what to expect when they come out to your home!

How long does a first service take?

When you start a pest control service the first visit can take about 60 minutes. The office will let you know what steps need to be taken depending upon the insect or the rodent. If you are having problems in a few locations or multiple locations will also determine the time at your property.

What should I do to prepare for pest control service?

Try and make sure the exterior of your home is as clean as possible with no clutter around the foundation. For inside preparation: vacuuming floors, removing small items off the ground and even emptying under the sinks may be asked of you.

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After Bell Pest Control starts your service

Who will come out to my home?

Your service technician will be a Bell Pest Control employee. They will show up in a company truck and in a uniform. Your service technician will be polite and friendly.

What materials do they use for pest control?

Bell Pest Control is a full-service provider and uses proven methods to get the job done. This includes chemicals, pesticides, or even traps that can be in place long-term. Bell then monitors these treatments on your property monthly so you know how effective the treatment has been over time.

How much does a service cost with Bell Pest Control?

Right now you can get your first service free. This is a $195 value with a 1 years service agreement. The every other month total will depend upon the issues you are having as well as the square footage of your home.

What happens if the pests or rodents come back?

Rest assured that if you have problems between services we will come out at no additional charge. Your service includes us coming back if there are issues.

What will happen when you call our office?

  • Brianna, Ryann, Nancy or Crystal will answer the phone.
  • They will ask you what insects or rodents you are having a problem with and where you are seeing them.
  • You will be asked your the square footage of your home and if it is one or two stories.
  • They will also ask if you have pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish) or anything other animals at your property.
  • Once the office staff knows and understands your problems then they can share with you how much the service will be.
  • The office staff will help you set up a convenient time to be serviced and take care of your pests.


Call 916-512-6035 and ask for the Free Start Up Special where we buy your first service for you. (this requires a years agreement).

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