Bell Pest Control Approached By Make-A-Wish

Posted by Brian Bell on 06/08/2012

Business owners are often approached by members of their community for donations for their particular cause. Usually these request are made by energetic kids from high school sports teams, boosters clubs, sponsorships programs and many others. It is always fun to watch them nervously walk in the office nudging and whispering to each other trying to muster up courage to speak. Then they give us their flyer and walk out. They walk out and as soon as they get out the doors they usually start laughing and making fun of the person who had enough courage to speak. Good for all of them that they are willing to put themselves out there and see some of the things they are capable of.

Each change of the season brings new sports and worthy causes to support; and since the very beginning, Bell Pest Control has been involved with the community and tries to support the right causes. We are fortunate that we have been able to build company and strong brand that makes it possible for us to give back to that community that has made our business success possible. We wish we could support them all but unfortunately we cannot so we support the ones we think are the most worthy. The ways in which we have given back has varied over the years. Bell Pest, over thirty years, has donated to schools, sports clubs, extracurricular clubs, sponsorships, etc. As our business has become more well known we tend to see more groups asking for donations. We wish we could donate to the all but that is not possible. We do what we can. Being approached by so many groups presented us with a problem, who do we support?

Our problem was solved about three years ago. A friend of the family approached Dale (owner) about a charity he is involved with. This friend owns the Smog N Go. He introduced a charity that is close to his heard. He shared with us information about Make-A-Wish Foundation and how he chooses to donate to them. We were blown away by the wonderful things that this charity does for kids. Make-A-Wish grants children’s wishes who have life-threatening medical conditions. You can read these very touching stories of how wishes have been granted at Every parent can’t help but being moved by what this foundation does for these beautiful children in horrible situations. We set up a meeting with the Sacramento chapter of Make-A-Wish and got an even more in depth presentation of their program. Bell Pest Control agreed to make them the major beneficiary of charitable donations. For every single new account that Bell Pest Control starts Bell Pest Control donates $10.

It has been a great honor having the opportunity being able to have played a small part in creating a positive impact on these beautiful children and their families. Although Make-A-Wish is our primary charity of choice we still donate to other causes as well. It is important to us that we find groups and causes in our local community that we can support.