Moth Pest Control

How many times have we gotten home and tried to walk through the front door, only to be greeted by a churning swarm of moths flitting around the porch light? It’s impossible to get through without having a thousand tiny wings smack you in the face – and even when you reach the door, odds are high that a few of these critters are going to follow you before the door shuts.

Nobody likes moths. Nobody. And at Bell Pest Control, neither do we, and we’re committed to helping you implement a productive solution to eradicating all those moths.

Cloth Moths

As the name implies, cloth moths are always looking for a fabric-flavored snack. They love to chew on things like carpets, rugs, blankets, and even clothes. Tired of finding random, untraceable holes in important pieces of clothing or other fabrics? We get it.

Here’s what makes cloth moths especially aggravating: the adults, the ones you’re seeing fly around, don’t actually feed on your clothes. It’s the larvae, or the ones that look like worms, that are doing the eating.

Bell Pest Control’s moth solutions are proven to work. Our technicians have tested them over and over again until they’ve been perfected, and we’ll make sure that they work just as well for you and your home. If they don’t, just give us a call. We’ll head back over to do what’s necessary to get those cloth moths out of there for good. Clothes moth pest control is something we can help yo out with. 

Indian Meal Moths

An Indian meal moth prefers to chew on actual food, namely grain. These moths are typically classified as “pantry pests” because they congregate around food, so you’re probably running into these moths if that’s where you’re noticing a moth problem. 

They’re almost colored like a dark wood stain, with a reddish-brown pattern on the head and back half of their bodies – and a lighter brown or tan middle part on their wings. Indian meal moths are frustrating, not simply because their presence is annoying by itself, but because they’ll eat the food you planned on eating yourself. Pantry moth pest control is more common than you think. 

Bell Pest Control is ready and able to help you get a handle on the Indian meal moth problem in your home. Our technicians are always learning the latest methods and strategies as they are introduced, and we will do what is necessary to rid you of this annoying problem for good.

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