You may hear the phrase rodent exclusion and ask just what does rodent exclusion mean? When rodent exclusion is performed at your home the places where rats or mice could enter are closed off.

Rodent exclusion in the Sacramento area is necessary to help prevent rats and mice from entering your home.

There are a few ways that your home may have rodent proofing performed.

  • Cut back trees
  • Door sweeps
  • Junk removal
  • Remove food sources
  • Remove water sources
  • Screens
  • Sealing
  • Wood pile and debris

Why trees may be a problems with rodents at your home:

You may not think that rat problems in the Sacramento area can start with trees. One of the things you need to know about Rats is they can climb and jump. When you have trees touching your roof line or within a few feet the rats can end up on your roof. One of the best things you can do if you have trees, bushes or shrubs touching your roof is to have them cut back.

Door sweeps are an easy way to exclude rodents:

It does not take much room for a rodent to enter your home. The cold weather in the Sacramento Valley in the winter is one of the reasons rodents are chased into your home. Its not just Rats that want to get in from the cold. You will find the cold weather will also chase in mice as well.

A Rat can squeeze through an opening roughly the size of a quarter and a mouse can enter an opening roughly the size of a dime.

When you have a giant gap under the door in your garage, rats and or mice can get inside. Once the rodents are in your garage they will look for a place to set up and new residence.

An exclusion door sweep is made strong materials meant to stop the rodents.

Is junk removal part of exclusion?

One of the elements of rodent exclusion is to remove the home of the rodent if possible. The technical term used for where rodents can live of hide is referred to as harborage. If you have “junk” on your side yard or your property you may have a place for the rodents to live.

Removing the wood, tree limbs, brush, paper products, toys, soda cans, garbage and piles of materials does help with the extermination of the rodents.

It only makes sense to take the places away that rats and mice could be living.

What are the food sources I need to limit?

Rats and Mice need something to eat, you may have more sources of food for them than you would guess.

Gardens and fruit tress are 2 of the places where rodents can find food. If you do not keep up on removing fruit that has fallen from trees you may end up with rodents at your property. If you have neglected a garden you may have a location for rodents to gather food sources.

Believe it or not food left out for dogs or cats can be a huge source of food for rats or mice. It may be best to feed your pets at specified times and then “pull the food”.

Why do I need to limit water sources?

When rodent exclusion is applied to a home multiple sources of food, water and even living locations are looked at. Most rain gutters are filled with water because they are clocked. This leaves a huge source of hydration for the Rats that may end up on your roof or in your attic.   

You will also benefit from standing puddles of water being removed. Old toys like kiddie pools, buckets, pots and even ditches can be reduced to limit rodents from your home and or property.  

How can a home use exclusion to stop rodent intrusion?

There are a few ways to exclude Rats and Mice from your home. Any entry point larger than a dime should be located and blocked off.

Blocking holes off can happen from various materials. There are companies that specialize in exclusion products and they can include:

  • Exclusion door sweeps
  • Hybrid steel wool
  • Plywood
  • Scent treated foam
  • Sheet metal
  • Steel wool
  • Vent screens

There are multiple angles of proofing that could be used. Some of these materials are combined to reinforce holes at your property.

Does bait need to be used to remove rodents from a property?

Your home is unique in many ways. One of the first things to do is see what can be done through the use of exclusion. A plan can be created once your home is looked at to determine the best course of action.

Your technician can go over the options of baiting with you as well as letting you know if you are a right fit for an exclusion process.

If you have questions about having an inspection performed please call the office at 916.512.6035

Will my technician make other recommendations?

When your technician comes out they can show you the plan of what needs to be done. Depending upon the diagnosis and your situation they can help you come up with the right plan.

Once again the best thing to do is contact the office at 916.512.6035 and let them know you are having a problem with rodents. You can have a convenient appointments set up and your options can be discussed with a Bell Pest Control Technician.

If you have more questions you can visit out FAQ – Frequently asked question page.