Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish Pest Control

Seeing any silverfish around latterly? If you’re looking in ponds, then you’re not going to find them – silverfish aren’t actually fish. These flattened, gray insects are just hungry little wingless critters, and you can spot them by noticing their long antennae protruding from their head as well as their narrower tail (which gives the appearance of a fishtail).

Unlike other pests which prefer to hang out in dark, damp spots like underneath wood piles or in shady corners of the house, silverfish will go just about wherever they please. That’s not to say they’ll go anywhere, because they definitely prefer to congregate around places where it’s warmer and more humid.

Silverfish are mainly driven by the need to eat, and they’re not too picky. They’ll eat fungi, natural proteins and mold, and they love starchy things like paper. For that reason, you might see them more frequently in places such as attics where they have greater access to materials like wood that they can chew on.

Say Goodbye to Silverfish with Bell Pest Control!

Trying to come up with an effective solution to combat a silverfish infestation by yourself will have you scratching your head. These insects are adept at hiding in just about any surface they can find, so unless you’re prepared to treat more nooks and crannies than you even knew your house had, this is a job best left to professionals.

Bell Pest Control has your back. We’re Northern California’s go-to exterminator, and our technicians will draw up a treatment plan that will quickly and effectively solve your silverfish problem in no time.

Our service is guaranteed to be on-time, friendly and honest – because we’ve been in service for 40 years, we know how valuable our customers’ time is.

Give us a call at 916-512-6035 to get more information on how your home will be rid of silverfish before you know it!