Why insulation can help you out

Insulation is not something you always think about. When your home isn’t comfortable it can because it isn’t insulated well. Insects and rodents may be breeding in the insulation in your sub area, walls or even attic.

Rodents and insulation problems

The job of insulation is to keep your home warm. A secondary effect is your insulation will also keep rodents warm. Insulation is the perfect home for a mouse or rat. The insulation material can be manipulated easily for a burrow. Rats are cautious and like to use the same path over and over again. The insulation becomes a “Roadway” for the rats. In an infested attic the “rat freeways” are easily visible.

Rodents like to chew on materials to shorten the length of their teeth. Rodents can damage electrical wires and have the possibility of being a fire hazed. This damage can be hidden from your insulation.

If you have had rodents in your attic or in your home removing the insulation is one way to deal with the urine and the feces from rats and mice.

Exclusion and sealing up the home

If you have a rat or mouse infestation looking at insulation replacement may be the perfect timing. The term remove, seal and blow (RSB) refers to the removal of insulation. The removal of the insulation deals with the urine and feces left behind by the rodents.

With the insulation out of the way access points may be exposed and can be properly sealed. Once the area is cleared out new insulation is blown in to insulate the home.

Once the home has the old insulation removed and new insulation blown in there is an important step to take.

Sealing up the access points can help prevent Rodents from returning. Large gaps in between walls, holes in the attic to the outside of the home can be patched. Gaps around pipes and electrical wires can be blocked off.

Home comfort and insulation

One of the added benefits of either complete removal of insulation or increasing the insulation level at your home is the comfort.

Most home built before 1990 do not have nearly enough insulation. Homes built between 1990 and current may have the bare minimum for today’s standard.

Extra insulation can mean less noise. In some applications adding more insulation can reduce the noise in a home. This does not happen for every single home but there is a possibility it can help with yours.

You can either invest in your home or you can send the money to your utility company every month.

Some local utilities may even have rebates available for some applications.

If you would like an estimate to add insulation, use a remove seal and blow method or even take care of exclusion we can help you out. You can call the office at 916-512-6035 and let the office staff know you would like to insulate your home. They can set you up with a convenient appointment for a representative to come out for you.

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