Need Earwig Pest Control? Don’t Worry Any Longer!

Even though they’re fairly common around the Northern California area, earwigs aren’t very high on the list of pests we’re most concerned about. That distinction is typically reserved for things like mice, ants or various types of spiders. However, earwigs can present quite a problem if left unchecked.

If you’ve noticed an uptick in these little guys – they’re identified by the pincher-like appendages where a tail should be – then you might start getting concerned. Those pinchers are intimidating! Don’t worry, though, because earwigs are harmless to humans. Their name comes from an old wives’ tale that said they would crawl in peoples’ ears and lay eggs there, but that is completely false.

No, earwigs would much prefer to hang out in cool, damp areas where they can get food easily. They’re nocturnal as well, so you might not even notice them unless it’s at night. They’re particularly drawn to sweet foods, which can bring them indoors to dark, tight crevices where they can eat in peace.

Figuring out how to get a handle on these critters can be tough, but Bell Pest Control is here to help. Our strategies to curb your earwig problem are time-tested and proven to be effective – once we implement them, earwigs will be a thing of the past!

Bell Pest Control: Solving Earwig Infestations Quickly

With one call to Bell Pest Control, earwigs will be gone from your home or yard before you know it. Our experienced technicians will collaborate with you to develop a solution that works for your situation, and they’ll carry it out with professional precision and care.

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