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Elk Grove buildings are vulnerable to various pests, but bed bugs are some of the most difficult to avoid. These parasitic pests climb into bags, luggage, and onto furniture to gain entry into places that people frequent. If they invade your house, they'll find tiny crevices to hide while you're awake and bite you to feed while you sleep. They usually stay within eight feet of where people rest, allowing them to feed and retreat to their hiding spots before you realize they're around. They can hide in gaps because of their small size and are difficult to see or reach with a vacuum. As a result, you'll need professional help when bed bugs invade your property.

Bell Pest Control will help you eliminate these tiny insects. Our service technicians are experts at removing bed bugs and know how to find where they're hiding and the approrpiate treatment methods to remove them from your property. With our help, you can get rid of these annoying pests from your home or business without throwing out your belongings. We guarantee our treatments and provide recurring services to protect your property year-round.

Bed bugs don't cause damage or spread illnesses, but they can be some of the most troublesome pests for Elk Grove residents to contend with. Fortunately, the professionals at Bell Pest Control are here to help. Call us today if you notice early signs of bed bugs in your home or business.

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How We Treat Bed Bug Infestations In Elk Grove

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Our team at Bell Pest Control understands the problems caused by bed bugs on your Elk Grove property. They'll bite when you're most vulnerable, causing sleeplessness and anxiety. We also know how frustrating it can be dealing with creatures you can't see or reach. Common signs you have bed bugs include:

  • Fecal spots
  • Bed bug bites
  • Eggs, molted skins, or egg shells
  • A musty odor

The longer you allow these pests to remain, the more rooms they'll infest and the more they'll reproduce. We're Elk Grove's bed bug control experts and are here to solve your problem.

Our process begins by inspecting your property to determine if you're dealing with bed bugs or a similar insect species. Our service technicians have the experience and tools to identify invasive pests and find tiny crevices that are hard for others to see. Once we determine the extent of the infestation, we'll use the most effective treatment methods to remove these pests.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, we might treat a specific room or your whole building. Regardless, we'll do what it takes to remove the pests and ensure they don't return. We may request that you vacate the property for two to four hours while we complete the treatment.

Here are some benefits of choosing Bell Pest Control for bed bug elimination:

  • We use an insect-specific biopesticide that doesn't affect people or pets.
  • Less preparation work is needed with our services.
  • Our bed bug treatment has a 90-day residual, meaning we can do a preventative treatment if you are traveling.
  • Our bed bug control service comes with mattress and box spring covers and traps.
  • The service comes with a 60-day guarantee; we will come back and re-service your property for bed bugs if necessary during this time.

Bed bug infestations worsen the longer you allow them to reside in your home. Our experts at Bell Pest Control know how to get rid of bed bugs and keep them from returning. Call us if you have a pest problem in Elk Grove so we can help.

The Cost-Effective Solution to Bed Bugs

We understand that you might have concerns about treating bed bugs on your property, and these reservations might cause you to hesitate to call professionals to handle your infestation. In addition to treatment concerns, you might also worry about the cost of bed bug control in Elk Grove. Our goal is to protect your home or business from these invasive pests, and we don't want cost considerations to enable them to continue spreading.

Our service starts with a free inspection and an estimate for our services. We'll determine the severity of your bed bug problem and the correct treatment options before we ask you to pay anything. Inspecting your property first also allows us to provide an accurate estimate. Call us today for a free bed bug inspection of your Elk Grove property.

Our Guarantee

We believe in our bed bug treatments and back up our work with a satisfaction guarantee. In addition to a free inspection, we offer a money-back guarantee. Don't let these pests take over your property. Let us inspect your home for bed bugs.

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Remove Bed Bugs From Your Elk Grove Property With Bell Pest Control

Bed bugs can quickly spread out around your house if you leave them undisturbed. The sooner you call in the experts to eliminate the infestation, the fewer problems you'll experience. Our professionals at Bell Pest Control have over 40 years of experience serving Elk Grove and other Sacramento County residents.

Our polite, friendly, and fully-trained professionals use our best pest control techniques for your home or business. Our goal is to provide peace of mind, so we offer a money-back guarantee on our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

Bed bugs are commonly feared pests around Elk Grove area homes and businesses, but they don't have to scare you. Call us today if bed bugs are taking over your Elk Grove property.

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