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Pest Control Rats Sacramento Tips

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Rats and mice control is possible in conjunction with pest control services in Sacramento. There are items around your home that can contribute to rodents. If you really want the most from a pest control service then there are a few things you can do to help get rid of rats and get rid of mice.

If you live in some of the established areas in Sacramento near the river there is a chance of having rats. If you live near and area that is being developed there is a chance you have mice.

10 Tips To Remove Rodents From Your Home

  1. Remove firewood away from the sides of your home. Piles of firewood can attract rodents as a structure to live in. The technical term for this is harborage. Rats and mice will find food sources and hide them in the wood piles.
  2. Pick up any fallen fruit in the yard. When fruit trees are in bloom and producing fruit it can fall off the tree as it ripens. When the fruit is left on the ground for the rats they have the perfect food source.
  3. Cut back any tree limbs that are be touching your home. Rats can climb trees, bushes and even walls. When branches can touch the roof line you can end up with rats in your attic.
  4. If you do have bird feeders with seeds, keep seeds picked up off the ground when possible. The seeds are a source of food for the rats and mice.
  5. Install a rodent proof door-sweep. Most side doors into a garage have a large gap under them. If you have an opening the size of a quarter you can allow a rat to enter. If you have an opening the size of a dime you can have a mouse enter your home. A door sweep is one way for rodents to have a tougher time to enter your home or garage.
  6. Store any attractive food such as pet food in a closed container. Rats and mice love pet food. When you leave bowls of pet food out for your dog or cat the rodents can be drawn to it. If you combine the food source and have a wood pile you end up with a double whammy. If you have empty soda cans or bottles stored on your side yard this may be a sugary source of liquids for the rodents as well
  7. Keep dog door shut whenever possible as this is a direct source for some rats or mice to get into your home.
  8. Seal any cracks or holes with stainless steel mesh and foam. Sealing up your home to help with rodent proofing is called exclusion. There are specialty product made just for this reason.
  9. Keep gutters clean to prevent water puddling. The water becomes a source of hydration for the rodents. If this water sources is near a food source like fallen fruit or pet food these two conditions make it easy for rodents to locate a harborage spot.
  10. When you remove clutter, especially in garages you remove the place for rodents to live. The harborage area risks become multiplied if the containers in the garage are not sealed. Making sure to remove lining and paper storage helps as well.

Rat Exterminator Sacramento

A pest control service or an exterminator will need your help in order to reduce rodent problems at your home. These 10 tips to reduce rats and mice can help you resolve your rodent problem faster. Most of these items can be implemented in a day or over a few days.

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