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What Pests Are Covered With Pest Control Service?

a cockroach up close

You may have some problems with pests or rodents at your home. You could have an issue with one pest or with a few of them. Pest control in Sacramento is more common than you would think. Most homeowners have some sort of service to help with their pests and rodent issues. You may be looking to hire a pest control company in Sacramento, If you are curious as to what our pest control service covers, here is our list:

When we take care of your home there are multiple pests and nuisances that you are protected from. Here are the most common insects you will find in the Sacramento area:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Fleas
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Cockroaches

The climate in Sacramento leads to problems with pests year round. Some pests are drawn to hot weather while others are drawn to water or moisture.

No matter the general pest needs we have you covered.

Ants – You may wake up and find ants in your kitchen or in your bathroom. A general service can help you with this concern. Two of the most common ants you will find in your home are Argentine ants and Odorous house ants. There are a few other varieties that are covered as well. Your technician can inspect your home to determine what ant you have and which ant control solution will work for your situation.

Spiders – There are a few different types of spiders in the Sacramento Valley. You may see Black Widows around low areas that do not get disturbed much. Cellar Spiders are commonly confused with a daddy long leg spider. You can find these spiders around a home both inside and outside. There are small hairy spiders the about the diameter of a dime and those are wolf spiders. Knocking down webs around the home does help with taking care of the common spiders. Your general service includes removing webbing from the eves and the base of your home.

Rats – Rodents can infiltrate your home from small gaps in the walls or even under doors. You can end up with Rats in your attic or in your garage. Our general service does cover Rats. Norwegian rats and Roof rats are the two most common rats found in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Mice – One of the times you end up with mice in your home is when the weather changes from hot to cold or cold to hot. A common place to find mice is in the garage, storage sheds and even sometimes in the home.

Fleas – Even if you don’t have pests you can get fleas in your yard. Fleas can be transmitted from one pet to another. If pets cross your yard they can leave fleas behind. These fleas can be found in the shrubs, under leaves and in the shaded areas. If the fleas are in your home there are also treatments for that as well. Fleas are a service we can take care of for you.  

Moths – You may have moths in your kitchen or pantry that come from food sources. You may even have a few types of moths that are in your closet. Under general pest control service moths are included.

Silverfish – Above anything else Silverfish are a nuisance. This pest likes to congregate near moist paper, wet clothing, and around the baseboards of your home. Silverfishes typically like places that are not always disturbed.  The most places to find silverfish are in your bathrooms, laundry rooms, or places you can find a leaky faucet.  

Earwigs –Most unprotected areas are a commonplace to find earwigs. Earwigs are attracted to leaves, dirt, and moist areas around your home.

Cockroaches – There are a few types of cockroaches you may have in your home. There are American cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches Turkistan Roaches. Each one of these roaches has a different solution to remove them from your home.

Wasp / yellow jackets – When a wasp or yellow jacket has created a nest on your home we can remove the nest. If the wasps are flying in the air there is not way to stop them.

Webbing – When we come out to your home for a regular service we do web your home of areas up to 20 (feet).

What to do if you have problems in between services:

If you have a problem in between services let us know, we will come back at no additional charge. You can call the office at 9165126305 and let the friendly representative know you need a follow-up service.

Since we do not believe in hidden charges or fine print, there is no extra fee to come out.

*Bait boxes for rats do have an additional charge.

Other items we do take care of are:

  • Exclusion – This is where we find openings or areas where rats or mice enter. Rodent exclusion can be as simple as a door sweep and can extend to filling the gaps around pipes, adding screens to open access points, and even removing standing water sources.    
  • Insulation – Sometimes rodents have damaged the insulation in your home, we do offer services to replace the insulation in your home.
  • Junk removal – When you have areas that rats or mice can live in (Harborage) it makes it more difficult to remove rodents.

What we do not take care of are:

  • Bees – Bees are a protected species, if you do have a problem with them the best thing to do is call a bee keeper.
  • Bedbugs – To remove bed bugs takes a specialized service, as of right now we do not provide services for bed bugs.
  • Termites and Termite inspections – We do not do any work with termites whether for repairs, removal, or reports. 
  • Commercial applications – For the services we take care of residential home properties, we do not take care of restaurants or commercial properties.

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