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How To Keep Earwigs At Bay Around Your Folsom Home

earwig on a dead flower

Like everywhere else in California and the United States, pests are a problem here in Folsom. When you think of common pests in our area, you probably think of ants, cockroaches, spiders, and other everyday nuisances. What you may not think of is a strange-looking pest called an earwig.

Earwigs get their name from the ancient legend that they would burrow into your brain through your ear while you were sleeping. Even though this legend is entirely false, earwigs aren't a pest you want hanging around. At Bell Pest Control, we take pride in providing local earwig control for Folsom residents. Call us today and let us get started on your earwig problem.

Insights Into Earwig Habits And Behaviors

Earwigs aren't a pest that gets talked about often, so many people may not know much about them. Earwigs are nocturnal creatures, primarily active during the night. They seek shelter in damp and dark areas during the day, such as under mulch, rocks, and decaying vegetation, and are also attracted to sources of moisture.

Earwigs aren’t picky eaters. Common food sources for earwigs include:

  • Flower
  • Dirt
  • Mold
  • Insects
  • Fruit

By recognizing their preference for dark and moist environments and understanding what they eat, homeowners can take proactive steps to create an inhospitable habitat for earwigs around their homes.

Earwigs Are More Of A Nuisance Than A Danger

Despite their scary appearance and what earwigs look like, they are generally more of a nuisance than a danger to humans. While they possess pincers that can look intimidating, they rarely use them to pinch humans. Instead, earwigs use their pincers to defend against other insects and capture prey.

Unlike some other pests, earwigs don't transmit diseases to humans. While they aren't dangerous to humans, their presence can still be unsettling, especially when they invade living spaces. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep them out of your home, including earwig control. 

Creating An Uninviting Environment For Earwigs

Preventing earwig infestations around your Folsom home involves making the environment less favorable for their survival. This includes taking several measures to prevent earwigs in your house, such as:

  • Eliminating Moisture: Fix leaks and ensure proper drainage to reduce dampness around your property. Use a dehumidifier in areas of high moisture.
  • Changing Landscaping: Trim bushes and trees, creating distance between plants and the exterior of your home.
  • Sealing Entry Points: Seal gaps and cracks in doors, windows, and foundations to prevent earwigs from entering.
  • Removing Debris: Clear away leaves, mulch, and other organic matter that provide hiding spots for earwigs.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Switch off unnecessary outdoor lights at night to minimize their attraction to your property.

If you have any questions about earwig prevention, contact us today. We can help develop an earwig prevention plan to keep these creepy and annoying pests out of your home. 

The Most Effective Way To Keep Earwigs Away From Your Home

While earwig prevention is critical to keeping your home earwig free, it’s best to partner with us for professional earwig control. As part of a home pest control plan, our trained experts will inspect your home and identify any active earwig infestations and conditions that could attract them. After the inspection, we will work quickly to eliminate the active infestation in your home, and our regularly scheduled follow-up visits will ensure that earwigs and other pests don't return.

Keep your home earwig free and your peace of mind secure against these creepy occasional invaders. Call us today for earwig removal you can count on in Folsom. We'll ensure you and your family don't have to worry about these strange-looking and annoying pests crawling all over your home.  

Contact us to schedule your complimentary inspection, and we’ll provide you with an estimate for our services.