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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches: A Step-By-Step Guide For Folsom Homeowners

american cockroach crawling on kitchen tile

There are few things in life that are as concerning as finding a cockroach inside your home. This bug is known for the many problems it causes and how difficult it is to control. Assuming that you do not want to live in a home where these pests reside, we have some things for you to think about today. Here is a step-by-step guide to cockroach pest control in Folsom and what professional options you have to combat these bugs. To skip straight to professional cockroach control, call our team at Bell Pest Control. Our team will walk you through our advanced service offerings and find a plan that will properly handle these or other common area pests that are causing you trouble.

Step One: How To Identify A Cockroach Infestation

We have some good news for you, cockroach infestations are not typically hard to identify. The bad news is that you might have to wait a bit until the signs these pests leave behind become noticeable. That said, the more vigilant you are to keep an eye out for these bugs, the more likely you are to spot them before they become a huge problem. The best way to do this is to check secluded, moist, and dark areas for signs of cockroaches. These signs include grease smears, shed skin, egg capsules, live and dead roaches, and fecal droppings. If you would like help with cockroach identification, bring in our team at Bell Pest Control for a quick inspection. Our team would be happy to help you understand what you are up against.

Step Two: Understand The Health Risks Related To Roach Infestations

It is not enough that you know how to identify cockroaches. We think it is vital that you also understand the clear problems these pests cause. Let’s start with the way these bugs spread disease. The most common kinds of cockroaches in Folsom pick up disease when they eat nasty things and crawl through nasty areas. They then spread bacteria, pathogens, and other sickness vectors throughout living areas and over countertops and tables. These pests are also known for triggering asthma attacks and allergic reactions with their shed skin and dry fecal droppings. To sum things up, if you have respiratory problems or an aversion to disease, you do not want these pests around your home.

Step Three: Call In The Experts For Total Cockroach Elimination

If there are cockroaches inside your home, they will not go away on their own. The best way to handle an infestation of these pests is to get professionals involved. For fast, affordable, and effective options, talk with our team at Bell Pest Control. We are a dedicated provider that works hard to customize treatments to meet each of our client’s needs. All you need to do is give us a call to discuss details. 

Step Four: Tips To Prevent Roaches From Coming Back

There is no denying that professional cockroach prevention is the best way to deter these pests from your home. If you cannot currently afford professional services or have some time on your hands, there are some DIY strategies you can use to stop these pests. Here are four tips and tricks to consider.

  1. Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed.
  2. Address factors that might allow cockroaches to find food inside your home.
  3. Repair leaky piping, eliminate moisture build-up, and address other moisture problems.
  4. Reduce clutter around your home and clear your living/storage areas frequently. 

Contact our team at Bell Pest Control to learn about our cockroach control strategies and find out why we are the right choice to handle pest problems inside and around your Folsom home.