Junk Removal

Why we offer junk removal as a service

Junk removal services and pest control services go hand in hand. If you have piles of articles in your side yard, back yard or garage you can attract insects and rodents. These items are typically forgotten about until there is a problem.

Rodent harborage

Rodent harborage is another way of saying a place where Rats and Mice can live. When you have materials piled up, you have a probability of attracting rodents. If you live in established neighborhoods or near fields “junk piles” may create problems for you.

Insect harborage

Its not just rodents that are attracted to piles of items left around. You can end up with insect issues as well. Spiders like to hang out around areas not used frequently. Black widows like dark areas that are low to the ground.

Cockroaches like piles or paper, cardboard and wood to hide in. Fabric furniture is another item that can attract the cockroaches.

If you have food mixed in with your “junk pile” you can end up with stored food pests like moths and weevils.

Depending upon the location inside or outside you can attract silverfish or earwigs.

If you have any of the above mentioned hazards, contact us for junk removal services today.

Safety issues and fire hazards

You may have a mix or materials, furniture, boxes and even wood piles around your home. Depending on what you have there may be safety issues especially if there are sharp items, screws, glass or metal poles.

Your extra “junk piles” can also create fire hazards. Access to areas from people and vehicles can complicate emergencies.

We can help you out

If you have items around your household you would like removed we can help you out. Our team is prepared to take away these items for you and dispose of them.

What we don’t remove:

There are a few items we do not remove from households out of safety and concern of our employees:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Paints
  • Asbestos
  • Concrete

If you would like an estimate for junk removal services you can call the office at 916-512-6035. Just let the friendly office staff know you would like a junk removal estimate.

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