Ant Exterminator in Sacramento, CA

Are you tired of finding ants in or around your home in Sacramento, CA? While most ant species are simply a nuisance, some ant species can contaminate your food, carry disease, or harm your home. If you want your home back, then turn to Bell Pest Control for help with ant control.

Know the Signs

Besides seeing the ants themselves, you might see other telltale signs of an invasive ant presence. For example, have you seen:

  • Anthills? If these are near your home, then you likely have an ant colony making themselves right at home. That could spell trouble for your food.
  • Wood damage? This is especially concerning as this sign indicates carpenter ants, who can destroy a home as they burrow through wood to nest.
  • Sawdust? This is another sign of carpenter ants. As these are home-destroying insects, call an ant exterminator to take control of the situation.

With these signs, an active ant infestation is almost always certain.

Treat for Ants

Once you suspect you have ants, Bell Pest Control can be there to take care of them. We will come to your property, examine the premises to determine where the ants are or where they could invade, and provide treatment as needed. We will ensure that your ant problem is no more and that ants won’t be able to come back.

Rely on Our Expertise

Bell Pest Control only hires the best. We background check each employee and provide qualified training so that they can succeed at their job. That way, we can provide better customer service to you. Our training always involves the latest treatments and methods to ensure quality results. And our treatment is always safe for everyone, including pets and children.

Call Us Today

Don’t think you have to live with an ant problem forever. Instead, call Bell Pest Control for ant control today at 916-512-6035.