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Pest Control In Antelope, CA

Antelope is 15 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento and is attractive because of its highly-rated schools, parks, hiking trails, restaurants, and shops. Its location enables residents to enjoy a quiet lifestyle near one of California's busiest cities, providing locals with city life and a tight-knit community.

An advantage of living and working in a residential community is the natural surroundings often missing in larger cities. Unfortunately, the trees and grass that line the streets provide homes for various pests. When the creatures enter buildings, they can cause damage and spread illnesses, threatening the community's health. Removing these intruders is necessary to limit these problems, and Antelope, CA, pest control professionals are the best option.

Bell Pest Control is the go-to pest solution provider in Antelope. Our service technicians live and work in the area, so we know the common pests and how to keep them off your property.

Residential Pest Control In Antelope

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Antelope is a friendly community with neighbors willing to lend a hand. While the people are helpful, the local pests don't provide the same support. These creatures live in yards, invading houses when they can't find adequate food, water, and shelter. They're often small but remain unnoticed by hiding during the day and causing problems as they crawl around at night.

Many of these animals travel in groups, so the appearance of one might indicate an infestation. Fortunately, Bell Pest Control provides the best home pest control in Antelope, CA. We begin with a free inspection to determine the pests on your property, how they entered, and what attracted them. Our service technicians can treat your interior and exterior with effective products to eliminate intruders and protect you from future invasions. We'll also recommend ways to keep pests away in the future.

Eliminating pests in your house can solve part of your problem, but they'll continue invading if you don't close entry points and remove attractants. At Bell Pest Control, we take a thorough approach to ensure the protection of your home after we leave. Contact us to learn more about how our residential pest services can protect you.

Commercial Pest Control In Antelope

Communities require numerous businesses to provide goods and services for residents. The continual operation of your commercial facility is essential for its success, and the local pests are a threat. They invade structures through open doors and tiny entry points, finding cracks and crevices to hide in. When the building's empty, they'll spread damage and pathogens as they crawl around, making them a health hazard. Commercial pest control in Antelope, CA, can protect you from these problems.

When you call Bell Pest Control to handle an infestation in your business, we'll arrive early in the morning. Every business is unique, so we customize our treatments to your building and industry. Following our initial treatment, we can return monthly or alternating monthly to check your property for problems and conducive conditions. Our service technicians have experience working with various industries, so we know how to provide the best support for your needs.

Pests are among the most troubling intruders for Antelope businesses because they'll damage your structure, contaminate your inventory, and spread illnesses to your visitors. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule a free inspection.

How To Deter Moths From Your Antelope Home

Northern California is home to over 100 different species of moths. Many remain outside and don't bite or contain venom, so they aren't a health concern for residents. The species that remain outdoors also don't damage properties, making them only a mild nuisance.

While most moths are harmless, cloth moths can be troublesome when they get into your home. These insects feed on animal materials, damaging items made from wool, fur, hides, hair, and feathers. As a result, they're most harmful to clothes and other fabrics. Since these tiny creatures eat the fibers of certain materials, the damage they cause usually appears as small holes. Fortunately, there are moth prevention tips to keep these pests away, including:

  • Examine items made of animal fibers before carrying them into your house.
  • Wash your clothes in hot water before storing them long-term.
  • Keep vulnerable products in airtight containers.
  • Brush wool or fur clothes worn outdoors before bringing them inside.

Regardless of the species in your house, the best way to remove moths is to call the professionals at Bell Pest Control. Our service technicians know the habits of these insects and have spent decades developing the best method for their removal. In addition to removing these pests, we'll provide tips on how to keep them away in the future.

Moths are potentially destructive nuisances that invade Antelope properties. Let us know if you see moths flying around your home.

Why Bed Bug-Affected Homes In Antelope Need Professional Pest Control

Bed bugs are troublesome because they're hard to find and remove. They climb into bags or luggage while you travel, hitching a ride back to your house. When you get home, they'll spread to anywhere people rest. Their bites are soft, enabling them to avoid detection, but can cause sleep loss and anxiety.

When bed bugs invade your house, they'll continue biting if you allow them to remain, deteriorating your mental health. Some of the reasons why you need professional bed bug services to end an infestation in your home include:

  • Bed bugs hide in hard-to-see and reach spaces.

  • Bed bugs can spread to multiple rooms in your home.

  • Professionals can eliminate all bed bugs in your house.

  • Professionals can prevent future infestations.

Our service technicians at Bell Pest Control have experience handling bed bugs in Antelope. We'll inspect your house to find these pests and determine the extent of your infestation. We can treat single rooms or your whole home, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Following our initial treatment, we'll return to ensure our success and provide further treatments if necessary. Call us to protect your Antelope home from bed bugs.

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