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The “Folsom Prison Blues” is our city’s nationwide claim to fame, but there’s much more to it than that. Folsom is a quaint place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without all the hustle and bustle of the busier parts of California, and everyone here truly enjoys each other’s company. Why let something as trivial as a few irritating pests get in the way of that and ruin it? They don’t have to any longer.

Many people know about Folsom because of the Folsom State Prison or Johnny Cash's song about the facility. However, there's much more to this city than the institution. Folsom is 25 miles east of Sacramento and features various shops, restaurants, parks, and the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. For those interested in history, the city has a historic district and museums that display its colorful past. There's plenty to keep residents occupied in Folsom.

For outdoor adventures, Folsom Lake and the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area provide boating, fishing, camping, and other activities. The natural areas in the community also provide housing for various pests. These animals live near Folsom homes and businesses, allowing them to invade properties. They can damage landscaping and structures while spreading illnesses to people. Folsom pest control professionals can protect your property and keep you safe.

Bell Pest Control serves Folsom and other Northern California communities with expert pest control solutions. Our service technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable about the various pests that invade Folsom properties.

Residential Pest Control In Folsom

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Many Folsom homes feature spacious yards to grow plants, gardens, or room for pets and children to run. Unfortunately, they also attract unwanted animals to your property. Pests usually invade Folsom homes looking for food, water, and shelter. They'll damage your landscaping and enter your home through tiny crevices in the exterior.

Our residential pest control services in Folsom can eliminate these creatures and protect your property. We start with a free inspection, allowing us to determine the extent of the problem. Our service technician will inspect your house to find signs of pests and issues they've caused. We'll apply a barrier inside and outside your home to prevent future intrusions and offer prevention tips.

In addition to our initial visit, we can return in alternating months to ensure our protective measures are successful. During these visits, we'll remove spider webs and apply materials to maintain the barrier. Call us today to learn how our residential pest services can protect your Folsom home.

Commercial Pest Control In Folsom

While pests can cause problems for any Folsom property, they're most troublesome for businesses. These animals can damage equipment and contaminate products, slowing production. They can also make staff and customers sick by spreading various illnesses throughout your facility. Many pests remain hidden during the day and only come out at night, but they can get pushed out of hiding spots if the infestation is severe.

Our commercial pest control professionals at Bell Pest Control can solve these problems. We aim to provide service first thing in the morning when your business is less busy, inspecting your whole facility and eliminating pests. We'll form a barrier around the facility to prevent future incursions and provide prevention tips. Our wide-ranging experience with various Folsom businesses ensures we know how to help you.

Since a quality pest control program is essential for a successful business, we offer recurring services that allow us to return monthly or every other month, whichever you prefer. We'll reinspect your facility to find new problems and apply materials to reinforce the initial barrier. Contact us today if pests are a problem in your business and get started on our commercial pest control services in Folsom.

Mosquito Control: A Guide For Folsom Property Owners

There are over 20 species of mosquitoes in the Folsom area, and most are harmless. They'll come out around dawn and dusk to feed on human blood but don't spread illnesses. Unfortunately, Northern California communities are also home to some potentially dangerous mosquitoes.

These insects are tiny and fly, so most people won't be able to identify the species in their yards. For this reason, it's essential to avoid all mosquitoes. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep mosquitoes away from your Folsom property.

Five tips to evade mosquitoes in Folsom include:

  1. Wear mosquito repellant
  2. Remain indoors around dawn and dusk
  3. Wear pants, long sleeves, shoes, and socks while outside
  4. Install screens on doors and windows around your building
  5. Eliminate standing water on your property

In addition to these preventative steps, our service technicians at Bell Pest Control can keep these pests away from your property. Our monthly service plans enable us to return during the active months of March through September. We'll inspect your property to determine what's attracting mosquitoes, remove those attractants, and provide further tips to keep these pests away from your property.

Mosquitoes can spread various illnesses to Folsom residents. Our team is knowledgeable about these pests and has the tools to eliminate infestations. Let us know if mosquitoes are causing problems on your Folsom property.

Total Rodent Control For Homes In Folsom

Mice and rats are the most common rodents in Folsom and invade houses for food, water, or to escape inclement weather. These pests can fit through tiny holes or gaps in a building's exterior or reach your roof by jumping from overhanging tree branches.

When mice or rats invade your attic, they'll often burrow into your insulation to build nests and keep warm. They'll make your insulation less effective, causing your heating and cooling bills to increase. They also chew on wires behind walls to keep their teeth filed down, possibly resulting in electrical fires. It's essential to remove rodents from your home to avoid these problems.

The first step to effective rodent control is finding an infestation. Fortunately, there are some tell-tale signs that rodents have invaded your Folsom house, including:

  • Chew marks on wires
  • New holes in your wall
  • Small, dark, and moist droppings
  • Bad smells

When you notice these signs around your home, our professionals at Bell Pest Control are here to help. Our service technicians will inspect your house to find hiding spots and any damage they've caused. We use the most effective removal techniques and will take preventative steps to keep them from returning.

Rodents can cause severe problems for your home. Bell Pest Control provides expert rodent control in Folsom. Call us if you need to get rodents out of your Folsom house.

Bell Pest Control: Folsom’s Trusted Pest Control Provider

Trusting Bell Pest Control to get a handle on whatever has invaded your home is a safe bet. We perform only the most thorough and comprehensive treatments, and we’ll never implement a solution without determining the right one for your home first. A Bell Pest Control team member has to meet a certain benchmark for quality, so you’ll never experience poor or disrespectful service with us.

The safety of our neighbors is of the utmost importance. We’ll take every step to make sure none of the methods we use will harm you or your family in any way, and we will do whatever is necessary to eliminate the pest problem along the way.

Whether it’s an irritating ant problem, a nest of wasps taking root on the porch, a horde of cockroaches or anything in-between, Bell Pest Control is your go-to home pest control provider. We’re confident that our initial service will take care of whatever is in your home – but even if it doesn’t, we’ll return for a call-back service, absolutely free of charge.

Bell Pest Control Can Tackle Whatever Comes Your Way:

  • Ants

  • Earwigs

  • Moths

  • Rodents

  • Silverfish

  • Spiders

  • Wasps

  • And more!

Don’t wait around for a tiny pest problem to become something you can’t handle. Put your worries in the hands of Bell Pest Control, and you’ll come to learn why we’ve been the most reliable pest control company in the area for 40 years!

For more information, or if you just want to speak with someone about how we can take care of your pest problem, give us a call at 916-512-6035!

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