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Lodi is a city unlike any other in America. After all, when someone is looking for a taste of the best wine in the country, where else would they go? Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or someone who just wants to relax in an idyllic California community like Lodi, dealing with annoying pests isn’t high up on the list of things to do. Don’t spend valuable time at home warding off pesky intruders – let us take care of it.

Residential Pest Control In Lodi

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Your home says a lot about who you are. From interior decoration to the presence or lack thereof of pests, people will judge based on what they see. We would like to help you put your best foot forward by providing advanced residential pest control options to deter and control pests in your home. If anything, invest in pest control services for your own comfort and safety. There are many invasive pests in Lodi that are more than just annoying. Some creatures, like rodents, are annoying, dangerous, and destructive. Our goal is to find advanced methods to keep all common and uncommon invaders out of your home. First, let us perform a detailed inspection to see what pest pressures you are currently up against and provide our team with some insight so they can design a plan that will best meet your needs. Call today to make an appointment for your Lodi home and property and learn just how effective residential pest control can be.

Commercial Pest Control In Lodi

When you first started your business, what was your biggest challenge up front? Many new business owners have to worry about things like profit, budgeting, and hiring the right employees. One facet of running a successful company you may not consider is combating pest problems. Now, there are loads of pests here in Lodi that might cause you trouble. Flies can bug your clients. Bed bugs can use your building as a middle ground to infest new homes. Cockroaches can get your employees sick. We could write books about all the ways these and other local creatures can destroy your business and your reputation. Instead of doing that, we want to offer you advanced solutions to get and keep these invaders out. We are talking about comprehensive commercial pest control. Our team at Bell Pest Control can identify the pest pressures you are up against and offer some advanced short and long-term solutions to handle them. Contact us today to learn more about our services and make an appointment for your commercial property. 

Eliminating Bed Bugs: Solutions For Lodi Homeowners

Have you ever seen a bed bug here in Lodi? Many people never get the chance to experience these pests inside their homes, which is a good thing; however, it can create a sense of false security. The truth is that anyone can bring home a bed bug infestation. These pests travel around by hitchhiking on items people carry, like backpacks, luggage, and used clothing. If you are not careful, especially while traveling, you will pick up these pests at some point. If you are currently dealing with an active infestation of these pests, do not worry. There are solutions to address these creatures. We are, of course, talking about professional pest control. Our team at Bell Pest Control understands why bed bugs invade homes and how to effectively eliminate these creatures wherever they are hiding. Bed bugs are great at staying out of sight and are among the most difficult pests to control here in Lodi. Reach out to our team of dedicated technicians today to learn more about our advanced bed bug control options and make an appointment for your home to eliminate these pests.

The Key To Total Rodent Control For Lodi Properties

There are lots of things you should know about rodents here in Lodi. First of all, not all species will invade our homes. Most local rodents prefer to live outdoors and will almost never see the inside of a commercial or residential building. The two types of rodents you should be most concerned about are rats and mice. Both of these furry pests love what homes and businesses have to offer and regularly invade to find food, water, and shelter. If you prepare, you might be able to prevent a rodent infestation on your own. Here are some exclusion tips and tricks to try if you have some time on your hands:

  • Fill in holes, cracks, and gaps in your home or business facility’s exterior foundation using some caulk and steel wool.
  • Repair damage to your home or business facility’s windows and doors and seal them properly.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed if you are not currently using them.
  • Make sure all of your home or business’s window and door screens are in good condition.
  • Install a rodent-proof cap on your chimney.

These tips and tricks are helpful in deterring rodents. They will not, however, do anything to address existing problems with these pests. If you are dealing with a mouse or rat infestation, you will need professional help to deal effectively with these wildlife invaders. We will be more than happy to talk you through our rodent control if you have a moment. Give us a call now to learn more and find out why so many home and business owners here in Lodi trust Bell Pest Control for their rodent control needs.

Bell Pest Control: Your Trusted Lodi Pest Control Provider

Trusting Bell Pest Control to get a handle on whatever has invaded your home is a safe bet. We perform only the most thorough and comprehensive treatments, and we’ll never implement a solution without determining the right one for your home first. A Bell Pest Control team member has to meet a certain benchmark for quality, so you’ll never experience poor or disrespectful service with us.

The safety of our neighbors is of the utmost importance. We’ll take every step to make sure none of the methods we use will harm you or your family in any way, and we will do whatever is necessary to eliminate the pest problem along the way.

Whether it’s an irritating ant problem, a nest of wasps taking root on the porch, a horde of cockroaches or anything in-between, Bell Pest Control is your go-to home pest control provider. We’re confident that our initial service will take care of whatever is in your home – but even if it doesn’t, we’ll return for a call-back service, absolutely free of charge.

Bell Pest Control Can Tackle Whatever Comes Your Way:

Don’t wait around for a tiny pest problem to become something you can’t handle. Put your worries in the hands of Bell Pest Control, and you’ll come to learn why we’ve been the most reliable pest control company in the area for 40 years!

For more information, or if you just want to speak with someone about how we can take care of your pest problem, give us a call at 916-512-6035!

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