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Pest Control In Loomis, CA

Loomis is a suburb of Sacramento, located 24 miles northeast of California’s capital. Folsom Lake is just east of the town, providing residents with various water activities like fishing, swimming, and boating. Multiple community parks and nature areas are nearby, including the Loomis Basin Community Park and Traylor Ranch Bird Sanctuary and Nature Reserve. Additionally, the downtown area features shops and restaurants, making this an enjoyable place to live and work.

The natural streams and rolling hills through Loomis provide a beautiful landscape and a habitat for many pests. These creatures invade properties for water, food, and shelter when they can’t find it in nature. The growth of the area provides fewer places for these animals to live, resulting in them invading local homes. If these creatures enter your home or business, they can cause damage and spread illnesses. When these problems arise, you’ll need assistance from Loomis pest control professionals.

Bell Pest Control provides the best pest solutions in Loomis and other Placer County communities. We train our service technicians to handle the various pests in the Loomis area and protect you from future problems.

Residential Pest Control In Loomis

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Most pests can fit through tiny crevices in your house, impacting your ability to enjoy living in Loomis. When they get inside, they can damage the structure and spread pathogens on food and surfaces that can cause people to get sick. Attempting to remove these pests can be dangerous and ineffective, so you should call a Loomis residential pest control professional to handle an infestation.

Our service technicians at Bell Pest Control start with a free inspection and estimate. We’ll determine the extent of the problem and develop the best treatment to eliminate the infestation. We apply products to the interior and exterior of your house to create a barrier that pests can’t penetrate. We’ll also recommend changes to your home and landscaping to avoid future problems

While we can get the current pests out of your house, others might find a way inside. To avoid these issues, we offer recurring services. We’ll return to your house to retreat the barrier, ensuring pests don’t reinvade your home. We can also provide the same treatments as our initial service if we see problems. Call us today if you want to benefit from our pest services.

Commercial Pest Control In Loomis

Protecting your business from pests should be a top priority for any organization. These creatures can cause extensive damage to your facility, equipment, and products. They can also spread pathogens that can cause illnesses in your staff and customers, impacting production and your reputation. Pest control professionals can develop an effective plan to keep pests away from your business.

We begin our commercial pest control services in Loomis by inspecting your entire facility. We’ll find any pests hiding inside, determine how they got in, and identify factors that attracted them. We prefer to provide service early in the morning when few customers are around. In addition to removing pests, our initial service includes creating a barrier around your facility to keep others from getting inside.

Since ongoing pest control is essential to keep your facility pest free, we can return monthly or every other month to service your building. We’ll provide the same treatments as our initial visit and can return between visits if other problems occur. Contact us if you need professional pest control for your business.

Why Successful Mosquito Control Is A Year-Round Task In Loomis

Mosquitoes are among the most noticeable nuisances around Loomis. They typically appear around dawn and dusk, feeding on people outside. These pests are most present throughout the summer because they thrive in warm weather. However, some mosquitoes will stay in cold environments, waiting for the warm months to return. In the meantime, they’ll continue to be a nuisance on your property.

Many mosquitoes in Northern California are no more than an annoyance and aren't a threat. However, some mosquitoes can spread potentially dangerous illnesses when they bite. It’s hard to identify the species of mosquitoes on your property, especially if you’re not a professional, so you should avoid them all.

Even if the mosquitoes seem to disappear during the winter, you have to continue protecting your property. Some are hiding, and others will return when the weather warms up. If you ignore this potential threat, your property will develop common attractants, ensuring they’ll reappear in the coming months.

Some of the common attractants for mosquitoes include:

  • Standing water
  • Tall grasses
  • Vegetation
  • Clogged gutters

Removing these factors will help to keep mosquitoes away from your property year-round. You can also keep mosquitoes away by calling the professionals at Bell Pest Control. We’ll identify breeding areas and use the best techniques to remove these pests. Let us know if mosquitoes are causing problems on your property so we can help with our effective mosquito control services in Loomis.

The Secret Weapon To Complete Rodent Control In Loomis

Rodents are common problems around Loomis properties. Some stay in your yard, digging holes and eating from your garden. The most common rodents around Loomis are mice and rats. These pests can invade your home by entering tiny gaps in your exterior, causing extensive damage when they get inside.

The biggest problems these animals cause are in your attic and behind walls. They’ll dig into your insulation for warmth, causing an increase in your utility bills. They’ll also chew on wires to file down their teeth, possibly resulting in fires.

Even if they don't cause property damage, they can spread various illnesses, including:

  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Tularemia
  • Salmonellosis
  • Jaundice

Depending on the species, rodents can cause asthma and allergy symptoms in some people. Closing entry points can help avoid these problems, but this can be hard if they get onto your roof. Removing these pests is dangerous because they can bite, so you’ll likely need Loomis rodent control professionals to handle the situation.

Our service technicians at Bell Pest Control know how to handle the rodents that get onto your property. We’ll inspect your building to find rodents, remove them, and seal any entry points to avoid future invasions. Give us a call if rodents are on your Loomis property.

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