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Rocklin has a history that personifies the type of city it is. It’s always been leading the pack when it comes to opportunity – just look at the transcontinental railroad’s presence here. Our spirit is as tough and unyielding as the granite in Secret Ravine, and we don’t have any plans on changing. To be as successful as Rocklin has been, you’ve got to know when to take chances, and we at Bell Pest Control advocate for that as much as possible.

One place you shouldn’t roll the dice on, though, is safeguarding your home from unwanted intruders.

Residential Pest Control In Rocklin

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Rocklin provides various ways for residents to enjoy themselves away from their homes. But when they get back, they want a comfortable and relaxing environment. Few things can make your home more uncomfortable than a pest infestation. They can damage your house, leave potentially dangerous pathogens on surfaces, and usually only come out while you’re sleeping.

The service technicians at Bell Pest Control live locally and understand the pests that concern Rocklin residents. We begin our home pest control process with a free inspection so we can discover the invasive animals and the extent of the problem. We can find all hiding spots and treat any part of your property infested by these creatures. We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your home to eliminate pests and produce a barrier to prevent future incursions.

In addition to our initial visit, we provide recurring services in alternating months. These visits allow us to reinforce the protective barrier around your home and check for other intrusions. We’ll also make recommendations on additional ways to protect your home. Call us if you need residential pest control services in Rocklin.

Commercial Pest Control In Rocklin

Pests are among the most troublesome issues for businesses. They can enter your building in various ways, making it hard to keep them out. When they find a path inside, they’ll cause damage to your building and equipment. They can also contaminate products and spread pathogens that can cause illnesses among your staff and visitors. These factors can slow production and scare away potentially loyal customers.

Since pests are a common problem for business owners, a solid plan is essential to your peace of mind. Our team at Bell Pest Control works tirelessly to help local businesses avoid the problems caused by common pests with our effective commercial pest control services in Rocklin. We’ll inspect your facility to find the intruders and discover how they got in. In addition to removing pests inside your building, we’ll create a barrier around the exterior to keep others from entering.

We don't want to disrupt business while we solve your pest problem, so we aim to provide service first thing in the morning. If you notice any issues after our treatment, we’ll return to take care of the problem. We also offer recurring services to provide year-round protection. Let us know if you see pests on your property so we can remove them.

Natural Wasp Deterrents For Rocklin Homes

Wasps are troublesome insects to have around your property. They often build nests in the corners of doors or under eaves, making them hard to avoid. If you disturb them in any way, they can produce painful stings. While these stings usually aren’t medically dangerous, they can cause allergic reactions if you’re allergic to their venom.

Attempting to remove wasps from your property can be an unpleasant task. If you try to knock down their nest, you’re likely to experience a painful sting. The better option is to deter them from coming around your home.

Some prevention tips to keep wasps away from your Rocklin house include:

  • Seal gaps or cracks in the exterior of your home.
  • Repair or replace any torn or broken screens on your doors and windows.
  • Cover food while you’re outside.
  • Place lids on outdoor garbage cans.
  • Avoid scented products.

Rather than risking a wasp sting, you should call the professionals at Bell Pest Control when you see wasps around your home. Our service technicians know the best and most effective wasp control techniques in Rocklin. We also understand that every home is unique, so we'll develop a customized removal plan for your property.

It can be scary when you return home and see a wasp nest at your front door. Our team provides expert wasp control and can protect your home from these potentially harmful pests. Contact us today if you see wasps on your Rocklin property.

Bed Bug Control Tips For Rocklin Homeowners

Bed bugs are easy to invite into your home but hard to remove. They travel in luggage, purses, and bags to invade homes and spread around once inside. Their tiny sizes allow them to fit into cracks your vacuum can’t reach. They also bite while you sleep and return to their hiding places before you wake up.

Finding and removing bed bugs from your home is best left to professionals. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for an infestation.

Some prevention tips to avoid bed bugs in your Rocklin house include:

  • Inspect the rooms you stay in when traveling.
  • Keep personal items off public floors.
  • Examine second-hand items before bringing them home.
  • Vacuum bags when returning from a trip.
  • Wash and dry all clothes on high heat after traveling.

These tips can help prevent an infestation, but they won’t help once they’re inside. The only way to get rid of bed bugs is to call the professionals at Bell Pest Control. We’ll inspect your house to find all bed bugs and use state-of-the-art techniques to remove them.

Bed bugs are problematic when they invade homes, causing sleeplessness and anxiety when they bite. Our service technicians know how to remove these pests, helping you to avoid these problems. Call us if bed bugs have invaded your home and get started on our bed bug control services in Rocklin.

Bell Pest Control: Your Trusted Rocklin Pest Control Provider

Trusting Bell Pest Control to get a handle on whatever has invaded your home is a safe bet. We perform only the most thorough and comprehensive treatments, and we’ll never implement a solution without determining the right one for your home first. A Bell Pest Control team member has to meet a certain benchmark for quality, so you’ll never experience poor or disrespectful service with us.

The safety of our neighbors is of the utmost importance. We’ll take every step to make sure none of the methods we use will harm you or your family in any way, and we will do whatever is necessary to eliminate the pest problem along the way.

Whether it’s an irritating ant problem, a nest of wasps taking root on the porch, a horde of cockroaches or anything in-between, Bell Pest Control is your go-to home pest control provider. We’re confident that our initial service will take care of whatever is in your home – but even if it doesn’t, we’ll return for a call-back service, absolutely free of charge.

Bell Pest Control Can Tackle Whatever Comes Your Way:

Don’t wait around for a tiny pest problem to become something you can’t handle. Put your worries in the hands of Bell Pest Control, and you’ll come to learn why we’ve been the most reliable pest control company in the area for 40 years!

For more information, or if you just want to speak with someone about how we can take care of your pest problem, give us a call at 916-512-6035!

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