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Wilton is a small Sacramento County town 28 miles south of the state capital. It started as an agricultural community, built around the Wilton railroad station, and remains one today. It has locally-owned businesses on its two main roads to serve the community's needs. The small-town feel of Wilton near the state capital makes it a great place to work and live.

Agriculture is a staple of Wilton’s history and present, but it also causes problems for residents and businesses. Pests find food and shelter on these properties and invade buildings when they need to hide or lose food sources. These animals often make their way into buildings, damaging structures and spreading pathogens that can make people sick. Instead of invading buildings, some pests feed on the items grown in the area, potentially damaging the community's economy. Wilton, CA, pest control professionals can find and remove these pests to protect residents and their properties.

Bell Pest Control protects Wilton residents from the area’s problematic pests. Our service technicians will find the intruders, remove them, and help to prevent future infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Wilton

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Wilton offers residents a friendly community where neighbors are willing to lend a hand. Unfortunately, these animals invade properties for food, water, and shelter, damaging structures and destroying vegetation. Anywhere they inhabit, they can spread pathogens that cause illnesses in people.

Bell Pest Control is the go-to solution for Wilton residents. We’ll inspect your property for free and provide an accurate estimate before we begin our residential pest control services. Once we identify the pests on your property, determine how they entered, and discover what attracted them, we'll create a treatment plan specifically for your situation. Our service technicians use the best products to remove pests and will treat your exterior to prevent future infestations.

Pests will search for new ways to invade your home if you don’t stop them. We can eliminate these threats with our preventative maintenance plans. Our technicians will inspect your property during each visit to identify problems and use the best removal methods. Call us to protect your Wilton home.

Commercial Pest Control In Wilton

Attracting customers and maintaining production are essential for your business's success. Pests are a concern because they invade commercial facilities for food or shelter, often finding hard-to-see hiding places in corners or packaging. They can damage your equipment, infest products, and spread illnesses to visitors and employees. Fortunately, commercial pest control services can alleviate these concerns.

Bell Pest Control provides expert pest services for Sacramento County businesses. Our service technicians will find the pests in your facility and use the safest and most effective techniques to remove them. We’ll determine how they got into your facility, close those gaps, and eliminate attractants. We’ll also create a barrier around the exterior to keep other animals from getting inside.

Pests threaten Wilton businesses year-round, so we provide monthly and bimonthly recurring services. We can help you find the best plan to protect your facility. Contact us to keep pests away from your business.

Why Call Bell If Your Wilton Home Has Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are some of the tiniest and rarely-seen pests that invade Wilton homes, and these features make them troublesome. These insects climb into bags while you travel and infest your home when you return. They’ll spread around your house, hiding anywhere people rest, and only come out to bite while you sleep. These bites are soft and painless but leave itchy, red welts on your skin.

The concerns regarding most pests are the physical impacts of their bites, but the problem with bed bugs is their lasting results. These creatures don’t spread illnesses but can affect your mental health by causing:

  • Anxiety

  • Paranoia

  • Sleep loss

These pests hide in tiny spaces, making them hard to find and eliminate. In the meantime, they’ll continue biting. Our service technicians at Bell Pest Control will find these insects and use the most effective techniques to remove them. We can treat specific rooms or your whole house depending on the extent of the infestation. Our service includes a 30-day guarantee, so we’ll return if the bed bugs remain.

We also offer a 90-day preventative treatment option if you’re traveling. The plan provides mattress covers, box spring covers, and traps. It also includes a 60-day guarantee, so we’ll return to your home and provide additional service to prevent bed bugs.

Bed bugs are easy to carry into your home and can negatively impact your mental health. Call us to get rid of bed bugs in your Wilton home.

Don't Let Silverfish Destroy Paper & Fabrics In Your Wilton Home

Despite their name, silverfish are insects with fish-like bodies and three long bristles on their rear. For this reason, they’re also called bristletails. They move quickly, live in areas with high humidity, and feed on paper, glue, fabrics, and food items.

These creatures are mainly nuisances and don’t spread illnesses or cause significant damage to homes. However, they’ll chew holes into paper, clothing, and upholstery, potentially damaging some of your items. Keeping these pests away from your home will ensure you don’t suffer this damage.

Controlling silverfish is similar to most pests because removing attractants will cause them to look elsewhere. Knowing they prefer humid environments and feed on various items can help you prevent infestations. Silverfish prevention tips for your Wilton home include:

  • Repair leaks

  • Remove wet wood

  • Seal old books, magazines, and clothing in containers

  • Keep oats and flour in airtight containers

When you see these pests in your house, call the professionals at Bell Pest Control to handle the infestation. Our service technicians will inspect your home to find the insects and use proven methods to remove them. During our inspection, we’ll determine how they got into your house and take steps to prevent future intrusions. Before we leave, we’ll provide tips to keep these pests away from your belongings.

Silverfish aren’t as harmful as other pests but can damage some of your belongings. Call us if you see silverfish around your Wilton home.

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