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Expert Rodent Exclusion Services for Your Elk Grove Home

Rodents can be destructive when they get onto your Elk Grove property. They begin causing problems soon after their arrival, creating unsightly spots by digging into your yard. Rats can fit through quarter-sized holes and mice through dime-sized openings, making it hard to keep them out of your house. If they find an entry point, rodents can build nests in hidden areas, burrow into your insulation, and chew on wires to shave down their constantly-growing teeth. These actions can increase your utility bills and cause fires.

Rodent exclusion keeps these pests out of your house and is the best way to prevent damage. Our service technicians at Bell Pest Control have the knowledge and tools to protect your Elk Grove property from rats and mice. We'll find out how these rodents are getting inside and take steps to close potential entry points. We're licensed contractors in California with the qualifications to install blockages and prevent intrusions.

Allowing rodents into your home or business can result in costly damage and increased utility bills. Call Bell Pest Control today to experience the benefits of rodent control in Elk Grove.

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Our Rodent Exclusion Method

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Our rodent exclusion services begin with an inspection of your property. We'll determine vulnerable areas where these pests can get into your home and develop the best course of action to keep them out. After our interior and exterior inspection, we'll discuss your exclusion options with you to determine the next steps.

Baits and traps are successful ways to get rid of rodents, but we also want to keep these pests from re-entering your home. We can use multiple exclusion techniques to close potential entry points, including:

  • Sealing holes that rodents use to enter your home.
  • Locating areas where trees and plants touch your home and allow for rodent infestation.
  • Removing harborage sites or places rodents can live near your home.
  • Adding gaskets or seals to garage doors and side doors.
  • Finding areas of the home that are missing building materials, such as screens, wall boards, and even voids.

The sharp claws and teeth of rodents enable them to cut or tear through various materials. We use strong products when sealing potential entry points to keep these pests from entering your building. Steel wool, hybrid steel wool, plywood, sheet metal, scent-treated foam, and vent screens are among the materials we use to close these openings.

Following our initial visit, we offer recurring services to protect your home year-round. We'll reinspect your property to find attractants and openings that might have developed since our last treatment. Our team knows how to keep rodents away from your Elk Grove property and is nearby to help. Contact us today for the best pest control in Elk Grove, CA.

Take The Next Step To Keep Rodents Away From Your Property

California rodents can cause severe problems when they invade Elk Grove buildings, like damaging your structure and spreading illnesses to occupants. Our service technicians know what factors attract these pests to your property and how to keep them away. Rather than waiting for these creatures to invade, call the professionals to protect your home or business.

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Before our service begins, we provide a free home pest inspection to find signs of rodents and gaps or holes in your structure that can serve as entry points. Once we fully understand your situation, we'll provide a free estimate for our services. We back up our treatments and services with a money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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Protect Your Home With Bell Pest Control's Rodent Exclusion Services

House rodents are a year-round problem for Elk Grove homeowners. They invade properties for food, water, and shelter. Our service technicians know how to determine where rodents are hiding, how they got into your house, and the factors attracting them to your property. Our team focuses on proper training, client experiences, and the correct application of materials to keep these creatures away. We also offer emergency services to ensure we're available when you need us.

Don't let rodents take over your Elk Grove property. Our professionals at Bell Pest Control have the skills and tools to protect you. Call us today to learn how you can benefit from our rodent exclusion services.

Contractor's license in the state of California - License #: 604425

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